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Tier 1 interim management is a case of top professionals who are in top condition. A case of genuine freelance professionals who aim for the highest business standards and live and breathe by them in the field. Waterfront interim managers spend most of their time at their client’s premises. Sounds like a plan for you?


Waterfront is not only interested in the abilities and expertise you already have today. We are also genuinely committed to ensuring that you develop yourself even further as a freelance manager. Since 2012 Waterfront has been building up an impressive portfolio. This enables us to match your abilities, desires and expectations with challenging projects at our blue-chip clients. Allowing you to join in when and where you can make a difference. 

Integrity & loyalty

Waterfront interim managers are instantly recognized by actions, decisions and deeds. They pursue the highest professional standards and adhere strictly to their professional ethics. Loyalty is important, both to you and to us.

Personal approach

Interim managers, who feel well surrounded, perform better. That is why we focus on a personal approach. After all, we are part of a 100% Belgian, independent group. So no corporate, distant approach. But a warm and human style that will undoubtedly please you.

Strong brands

Waterfront interim managers work at top organizations, for major clients and well-known brands. We owe this client portfolio to our extensive network. As an independent consultant or manager, you can fully enjoy this. Just like our annual events, workshops and Waterfront talks.

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Curious? Watch our aftermovie of 10 years Waterfront.